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Welcome!! To the

Located in

Has been restoring Porcelain

and Ceramics since 2002

from high end items

such as Meissen

to cherished sentimental

and collectible pieces

there is no job

too big


too small

Angela believes in keeping

the integrity of the piece

and is also

a certified Lladro restorer

ARS accepts work

from all over the country

working with former Conservators

to Collecters

each piece recieves

the same quality restoration

and her work

is completely invisible

ARS also teaches

a 10 day Basic Restoration Course

to Antique Dealers and

those looking to start

their own restoration business

If you are a beginner

or need an advanced course

ARS has the skills and experience

to help you achieve your goals

Angela is also founder

of the online store

My Restoration Supplies.com

supplying Quality Products

to Museums and Porcelain Restorers

Thank you for watching!!

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